Pedicure | $55

This is the ultimate pedicure; extra care is given to allow deep penetration of this extremely hydrating treatment. Beginning with a soothing soak, shaping of the nails & cuticles, and exfoliation of the legs & feet, followed with an intense foot massage and finishing with polish.

Gel (Shellac) Pedicure | $65

This is the perfect pedicure for women on the go.  All the benefits of a regular pedicure but with the zero dry time polish.  You can instantly put your shoes back on and be out the door.

Ionchi Detox Foot Spa | $60 Single Session

When the array is placed into the foot bath and submerged under water, the low level direct current electricity feeding the array causes the metals with the array to combine with the water and salts generating negatively and positively charged ions.  Ionic theory states the ions travel through the body themselves to various toxic (out of polarization charge) substances thereby neutralizing their toxic effects.  These toxic substances are then expelled through your body’s natural excretory pathways.

This 30-minute ionic foot bath is known to pull toxins and heavy metals out of the body through the soles of your feet. Each person experiences the positive effects of ionic exposure differently.

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